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August 7, 2014
“Paris : A Caribbean adventure”, in Global Arbitration Review News, “News”, 7 August, 2014
Leading arbitrator Lord Peter Goldsmith has given the Berthold Goldman Lecture on Historic Arbitration: A Caribbean Adventure: The Clash between National Courts and International Order. The lecture looked at the relationship between national courts with reference to a set of litigations concerning anti-arbitration measures implemented by government of Belize. Bart Wasiak of Arnold & Porter reports.
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August 29, 2012
“Seconde session de l’Académie internationale du droit de l’arbitrage à Paris”, in Option Droit & Affaires, Droit & Expertise, August 29, 2012, pp. 6-7 (in French)
La place de Paris a accueilli, du 2 au 20 juillet 2012, la seconde session de l’Académie internationale du droit de l’arbitrage (l’Académie). Etat des lieux des raisons qui ont conduit à la création de l’Académie et bilan de cette seconde session.
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August 6, 2012
Academy offers chance to Palestinian students, in Global Arbitration Review, “News”, 6 August 2012.
This year’s International Arbitration Academy in Paris awarded two scholarships to students from Palestine, selected through the new Jerusalem Arbitration Centre, which aims to facilitate settlement of Israeli and Palestinian business disputes.
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July 17, 2012
“Pyramids” remembered in Paris, in Global Arbitration Review, Alexander Uff’s Report, 17 July 2012.
Leading arbitrator Jan Paulsson has told an audience in Paris about his work on the seminal Pyramids case as a young lawyer at Coudert Frères. Alex Uff, counsel at Shearman & Sterling, reports.
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July 26, 2011
La primera edición de la Academia de Arbitraje de París concluye con gran éxito, blog Asadip, 26 July 2011 (in Spanish)
La primera edición de la Arbitration Academy, recientemente creada en París a iniciativa de Emmanuel Gaillard, ha tenido lugar entre los días 4 y 22 de julio.
El modelo seguido por la Academia es el muy conocido de la Academia de Derecho Internacional de La Haya, es decir, tres semanas intensivas, con un curso general a cargo de una figura consagrada y varios cursos especiales sobre temas específicos, además de seminarios. Asimismo, está previsto que todos los cursos dictados en la Academia sean publicados en una colección.
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July 22, 2011
Academy announces first laureate, in Global Arbitration Review, Alison Ross, 22 July 2011
The International Academy for Arbitration Law in Paris has named its first laureate, MarioMicciché from Italy.
Each year the laureate title will be given to the academy student who produces the bestessay on a given topic. Micciché’s essay was selected from among 24 submitted this yearon the topic “Is Arbitration a Form of International Justice?”Micciché is a postgraduate student in law at Oxford University. The runner up was DianeDesierto, a partner at Desierto Ammuyutan Purisima & Desierto (DAPD Law) in Manila.The three other finalists were Kamalia Mehtiyeva from Azerbaijan, Christopher Chinn fromthe US and Karim El Chazli from Egypt. Mehtiyeva and El Chazi are both doctoral studentsat the University of Panthéon-Sorbonne (Paris I) and Mehtiyeva works as an associate atShearman & Sterling at Paris. Chinn is a graduate of Minnesota Law School and a formerassociate at Baker & McKenzie.
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July 06, 2011
Arbitration Academy launches in Paris, in Global Arbitration Review, Alison Ross, 06 July 2011
The Arbitration Academy launched its first summer programme on Monday, with the start of a course on investment arbitration taught by Austrian professor Christoph Schreuer and a speech by Swiss professor Pierre Lalive on international arbitrators’fulfilment of their mandate. In his speech at the Paris Court of Appeal, Lalive warned that arbitrators should not delegate their power to adjudicate to a “fourth arbitrator” – namely, the assistant to the tribunal or to the chair. He also argued that it is one of the defining characteristics of arbitration that arbitrators should be appointed by the parties themselves (rather than by institutions, as some practitioners advocate).

This session of the Academy – an initiative of the French Arbitration Commitee – will run until 22 July. Out of 240 applicants, 195 candidates from 66 countries were selected to take part, although some have delayed their places until next year so that they can secure financing.
According to statistics provided to GAR, a quarter of the successful candidates are private practitioners, academics or members of arbitral institutions; a quarter are doctoral students; 5 per cent are government officials who advise on international arbitration or are engaged in related legislative reform in Abu Dhabi, Argentina, Ecuador, Georgia, Italy, Mauritius, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Ukraine; and the remainder are graduate students.
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June 27, 2011
Académie internationale de l’arbitrage : « créer un tropisme en faveur de la place de Paris », entretien avec Emmanuel Gaillard, in La Lettre des Juristes d’Affaires (LJA), 27 juin 2011, n.1028, p. 6.
La première Académie internationale de l’arbitrage se tiendra à Paris du 4 au 22 juillet prochains. Présentation de cette initiative par son président, Emmanuel Gaillard, associé responsable de la pratique Arbitrage chez Shearman & Sterling.
La Lettre des Juristes d’Affaires has interviewed Prof. Gaillard on the purposes and objectives of the Academy, and about the 2011 session. (article in French).
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June 2011
« L’Académie du droit de l’arbitrage naît à Paris », entretien avec Emmanuel Gaillard, in Décideurs : Stratégie Finance Droit, Coll. Guide-Annuaire 2011, pp. 186-187.
The Arbitration Academy was recently created to provide  an advanced summer course on international arbitration every July  in Paris. Most of the lectures and workshops offered will be in English and the first session will take place this year.
The Academy, chaired by Emmanuel Gaillard, was created upon an initiative of the “Comité Français de l’Arbitrage” (French Committee for Arbitration), spearheaded by its “Secrétaire général” Alexandre Hory. Many lecturers and lawyers from Paris-based law firms were involved in its creation.

Decideurs has interviewed Prof. Gaillard on the purposes and objectives of the Academy, and about the 2011 session. (article in French).
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Febr. 23 , 2011
Paris Launches New Academy, in Global Arbitration Review, Tom Toulson, 23 February 2011
Practitioners have welcomed the French Arbitration Committee’s latest initiative – an academy where students, young practitioners and government officials can learn about international arbitration from some of the world’s leading academics.
A month after unveiling its new arbitration law, France has turned its attention to training the next generation of arbitration talent.

The International Academy for Arbitration Law will run a three-week “summer school” every year in Paris that will alternately focus on investment and commercial arbitration.
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