2018 Laureate of the Academy Prize

The 2018 Laureate of the Academy prize was awarded to Mr.Álvaro García Martínez, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Edinburgh. His essay was selected from the 27 essays submitted this year on the topic: “ Is there a need to reform the New York Convention of the 10 June 1958?”

A Jury composed of Professors Daniel Cohen, Marie-Elodie Ancel, Mathias Audit, Malik Laazouzi, Sylvain Bollée and Denis Mouralis selected the three best essays competing for the Prize. Following the Jury’s deliberations, the 2018 Laureate of the Academy Prize was awarded to Mr. Álvaro García Martínez from Spain. Honorable mentions for the best essay was Mr.Julio Olortegui from Peru. Runner-up were awarded to Ms. Niyati Ahuja from India.

MR. Álvaro García Martínez

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MR. Julio Olortegui

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MS. Niyati Ahuja

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